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Guided Rides & Bike Hire

I will supply each participant with a high quality e-bike, compulsory helmet and safety glasses, gloves and knee/shin pads. Though if anyone prefers to use their own gear feel free to do so. Bring your favourite pedals and shoe combo and/or saddle; I’ll fit them to the e- bike “no Problem”.

As I operate as a mobile service you can choose from some of N. Irelands world class trail centres see for details. With their purpose built and ability graded trails. For total beginners and the less adventurous there is Craigavon Lakes with a purpose built easy singletrack and tarmac cycle paths, or if you fancy a relaxing ride Newry canal towpath is perfect with various start/finish points and a tea break can be included if desired. All you have to do is pre-book the time and venue by phone or email and I will turn up with the bikes and gear. Please contact me so I can discuss your ability level, and advise you on which venue is best suited to your needs. Alternatively if you have a route in mind not mentioned above, contact me to discuss viability. Please note I will need to do a recon ride on the route first.

Group Size
Cycling Ireland states a maximum group size of 8 per Trail Cycle Leader. Keeping the group size small gives everyone a better experience as I have more time to focus on each individual. “Providing a quality service and enjoying my work is more important to me than making lots of money.”

The Bikes
These machines are awesome!! German designed Haibike with a Yamaha or Bosch motor, Hydraulic disc brakes and at least front suspension. I spent countless hours of research and testing to decide what bikes were best for the Live Bikes fleet. The mid mounted motor and battery keep the weight low and central resulting in a brilliant handling bike both on and off road. Haibike are the class leaders in the eBike world so you are guaranteed to get the best eBike experience available. Check out the photos for yourself. Don’t enjoy cycling up hills or feel you’re not capable? With 3 power assist levels and 9 normal gears these bikes will help even the relatively unfit up the steepest hills. You decide on the level of human effort required. Afraid of being left behind by the group? Don’t worry these bikes are great at levelling the playing field. The power assist cuts out at 15.5 MPH at which point the bike rides like a normal bike. Even the super fit would struggle to pull away. 100% grin factor so far!

E-bikes are pedal assist so you have to pedal to keep them moving. It amazes me that a person with little fitness or someone who hasn’t been on a bike for years can achieve on these bikes. They open up cycling to people who may not have even considered the sport before. Bear in mind a degree of health and fitness is required so please be honest about any health problems and contact your GP first to get the All OK.

The Law
People often ask do they need a licence to ride one ?
NO e-bikes come under UK EAPC law (electrically assisted pedal cycles), are also known as Pedelecs and are classed as traditional bicycles. G.B. law states a minimum age of 14 is required.

Booking & Payment
Due to the Logistics of the service I provide, booking is essential for time and venue though I’m fairly flexible and will try to accommodate times to suit you. As I am not permitted to take payments on site please contact me to arrange pre-payment.

Clothing and Nutrition
Please wear practical clothing for cycling and the outdoors eg.- flat footwear like trainers, hiking boots or even work boots are recommended.
Don’t wear very loose or long clothing that could get caught in chain rings and wheels!
Bring a- Lightweight waterproof jacket, Drinks and snacks, and a small backpack.
Please contact me for advice on what is suitable if you have any doubts.

Live Bikes has the right to cancel/cut short or divert the ride if the Trail cycle Leader decides it’s not safe to go ahead or continue. Eg weather warnings like high winds, Illness/injury of the Trail Cycle Leader or group member. Constant Rain in itself is not a reason to cancel the ride but if flexibility allows depending on bookings I will try my best to reschedule. Please allow 24 hrs notice if you wish to cancel and avoid losing payment. I will always try to reschedule 1st or offer refund 2nd a ride cancelled by Live Bikes. Sorry but I cannot offer refunds on rides that have already started.

Though cycling is regarded low risk, participants must be aware there is a chance of injury! A condition of my permit to guide/coach and hire bikes is I have insurance in place. Policy states that participants on my activities complete a disclaimer stating they take part at their own risk and are aware of the risks.