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Gearing Up Off Road is Cycling Ireland's mountain bike skills programme, designed to help you develop the skills needed to safely and competently enjoy mountain biking. It is an actioned packed and fun programme aimed at beginner and intermediate riders.

How long is the Gearing Up Off Road Programme?

The Gearing Up Off Road programme is designed to be as flexible as possible with a variety of delivery models available including:

  • Weekly over 6 to 9 weeks, with sessions lasting between 60 and 90 minutes.
  • Camp, over a period of 2 to 5 days.
  • Split Delivery, run as two distinct courses i) Beginner MTB Skills Course and ii) Intermediate MTB Skills Course

What will you learn in Gearing Up Off Road?

As well as learning cycling skills, you will also build confidence, develop teamwork and learn about respect and enjoyment for the outdoors.
Some of the skills learned include: Bike check & set up, getting on & off your bike, braking & controlling your speed, using gears, shifting your weight on the bike, awareness, cornering, front & rear wheel lift, trackstand, puncture repair and maintenance, cleaning & looking after your bike and most importantly putting all the skills together so you can hit the trails!

What will you get from Gearing Up Off Road?

If learning all of the skills above and having fun with your friends wasn't enough, you will also receive your own logbook to help progress through each skill session. On completion you will also receive a Gearing Up Off Road certificate. The programme also includes Cycling Ireland insurance for the duration of the programme.

Where is Gearing Up Off Road Delivered?

Gearing Up Off Road can be delivered in a range of environments including parks, car parks, school playgrounds and trail centres.
Please note participants are required to supply a suitable bike to complete the course.

Private individual coaching available on request. Please contact me for a tailored package and pricing.